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We have also been scammed by Xicom for tens of thousands of dollars. For an entire year they lied to us about the status of our project while asking us for payments. As a result, our project is now a year behind schedule and development is costing us double what it should since we have to pay again to develop features we had already paid to Xicom without getting the features developed by them. Don't trust your hard earned dollars with this rogue company.

Legal action may be taken against Xicom as Xicom has a presence in and does business in the United States.

The moral of the story is that if you have lots of money to spend on custom software development, do not trust Xicom.

Review the details of our experience at

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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"Camfuze (owned by Shaun Ferguson - S Ferguson , 2169061 ONTARIO INC). BEWARE OF THIS CLIENT."

Shaun is not at all technical and never tries to understand even the basic technicalities behind the project.

He is very rude in his communication and always says, THIS IS REQUIRED AND NEEDS TO BE ACHIEVED BY WHATSOEVER METHOD. IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE CODE, CHANGE IT. I HAVE PAID FOR THE SAME. Initially things went OK with this client however, as the time passed he started to make excuses and demanded more work and moved us to a huge loss further to which we were forced to stop the work because as a contractor no one can bear losses beyond one stretching point.

We started this project by taking a knowledge transfer from an another reputed company, NIX Solutions.

During the transfer, they clearly told us about the same experience they had with this client however, we ignored the same thinking that it is because that contractor was losing a project however, it was all the other way round. Contractor did not wanted to work with this client because of same reasons mentioned above.

It showcases a terrible work history with this client for all the contractors. The biggest proof can be derived from the fact that Shaun has been working on his project for last 10 years (as he told us) and no vendor has been able to succeed with his project and that’s purely because the unprofessional behaviour of client. The moment things start coming on track, this client starts destroying the motivation of team by giving negative feedback and also demanding night support in India time, shall call anytime over the wekends demading the work to be done now else I will sue you.

He has been a nightmare and we feel quite relaxed after handing him over his project.


Contract Breach Client never followed the contract and instead asked for free support during weekends which was never a part of the contract. Also, he put us in the server side issues which which was never a part of our responsibility. Later on, client also indirectly told us to work on profit sharing basis irrespective of the efforts which our team put in. 2.

Continuous Rework on the exiting modules Client never asks for any documentation and simply instructs to copy the features from his competitor sites, when you exactly replicate it then he will say “We have to be different” and then the resources will keep working on those features endlessly. Features like Chatroom and photos/videos sell were continuously changed in regards to their functional flow and lead to a lot of rework on those modules and we were not paid anything for the additional efforts. 3. 24*7 Communication Support Threat Regardless of whether it is outside our working hours or midnight in India, client keeps pinging on chat and keeps on providing updates.

Even when we managed to provide him support outside our working hours, he kept us asking for updates. 4. Publishing Employees Personal Information from External Sources As the above mentioned terms were not followed by us, so this client started taking out our personal information from social networking sites and threatening us to make it public.

SUGGESTION: No one works with this client and we know the new company to whom we have handed over the code. JUST BEWARE, you are the next target of his.


We were also been scammed by them! BEWARE!!!

We had a contruct with them where they signed to make a job within 1 month timeframe.

It's been 10 months now!

, after we lost all of our sponsors for the project, and all of the interest about it we requested our money back from them as they violated the contruct, and they just DISSAPEARED!

we never heard from them again, they don't reply to our emails, skype messages, nothing!

If anyone would like to know more information please contact me at:

Hay12396 at

I am willing to share the contruct we have with them as well as all of the emailsskype comverstations that we had! Their new company name now is Xicom, so BEWARE of them!

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